Monday, July 21, 2014

A Post Entirely About JD Petting Cats

You might not know this about JD but he loves petting cats. We don't have a cat and now we rent a house we can't get one so he has to make do with petting cats when we're out and about. Almost every time we leave the house we'll see a cat in the street and JD will squat down to entice it over. I'm usually left stood by waiting 20 minutes while he pets the cat. He doesn't just pet cats though, oh no, he talks to them too. "Who's the best cat in the street, you are!" "Yes you are" "You're the best cat".

Also, JD shows little regard for where the cat is. He's climbed over walls, reached up high fences and trespassed in people's gardens just to pet a cat.

So since I'm left inactive I decided to start chronicling each cat petting with a photo and in just a few short weeks I have enough pictures for the spectacular montage you see above. It's a pretty great hobby since it combines walking about and taking pictures for me and petting cats for JD.

He's not always successful though, a few times the cat will resist all efforts to be petted. We've had some hilarious cat moments where a cat has just looked at JD and run off or looked down disdainfully from it's lofty position. Cats are great ^_^

There is a cat there, honest.

Also the eagle eyed among you will have noticed that this picture is of JD petting a dog, He's versatile like that!

JD petting cats and me photographing it has turned into a simple pleasure for us. Maybe this post really serves as a warning to show what can happen when you don't have TV.  :D


  1. I don't know why, but this is the cutest thing. Thanks for sharing all the photos! And don't stop! Ha ha.

  2. Nice! Also cat Peter's here...and undiscovered writers. I thought at first J-D's writing felt British (Not Quite the End...). I'll read more and see if it holds true.

    1. Sorry I'm two-thirds of a year late in responding to you! I've had a lot of British friends, I was part of an online writing community that was about half British people, and I've read lots of British writers and early American writers, so that all goes into it. And of course, I've lived in England for 6 years now. And do you mean that you write as well; what things have you written?


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