Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hungry Planet: What the Jacksons Eat

My husband JD and I have long been interested by a series of pictures showing what people from different countries eat.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

It shows families from 28 countries with the food they eat laid out and also details how much they spend.

Such as this picture of a family from Germany:

And this family from Japan:

It's really fascinating to compare our shopping habits with each of the other families. Recently we decided to show the pictures to the kids to show them how other countries eat compared to us. They were really interested in what foods they ate and enjoyed spotting familiar brands among the foreign ones. We asked them which countries seemed to eat healthily and whether they thought they got good value for money. It was great to feel like they understand which foods are good for them and which aren't. Although I think they wished we ate like one of the families from America that showed 2 massive takeaway pizzas!

This led to us wondering what our weekly food shop would look like all laid out like in the pictures. We shop twice a week, once at the supermarket and once at the local market so we had to do ours in two pictures. The week we took the pictures we spent £50. We usually spend between £50-60 a week but that week we already had some meat in the freezer to use up.

Our food shopping looks like less than most countries but we make a lot of food from ingredients like flour etc which we only buy every few weeks. Also we don't buy Coke in bottles every week but we saw these at the market and enjoyed the novelty of glass bottles! We make our own wraps mostly but bought these to make quesadillas as ours aren't as aesthetically pleasing, haha.

I feel like £60 a week is reasonable for a family of four. I feel curious how much other families spend on food. How much do YOU spend? :)


  1. Do we actually eat that many lemons every week? I've never even noticed!

    1. I grind them up and sneak them into your breakfast. Don't want you getting scurvy!


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