Saturday, July 15, 2017

Well, Burger Me 2: Breakfast Burger

Making a Breakfast Burger leaves us with quite the dilemma. Do you eat it for breakfast or dinner? We opted to eat it for dinner but we wouldn't judge anyone eating this for breakfast instead.

Burger Components:

Sauasage patty
Black pudding
Fried egg

You could add other breakfast items if you wanted, such as a fried tomato or a hash brown but we decided to stick to the recipe in the book.

Peel the skins off some sausages and put the sausagemeat in a bowl. Add, salt, pepper and some mustard and squish together with your hands to mix. Form into patties and fry in some oil until cooked. JD did the frying while I hovered behind him worrying that the patties would break up.

They turned out reasonably well though and so we built up the burgers. Sausage patty followed by bacon, black pudding and then the fried egg. Top with whatever sauce you like. The bread of choice for this burger is an English Muffin.

The observant among you might notice one of these burgers doesn't have black pudding on it. I felt really wary about eating it. When I came to eat the black pudding one I wussed out and took it off. A hash brown would've been a better choice I think!

It's a good idea for a burger, made up of things that go well together but in execution it's not that great. The muffin doesn't hold together very well with all the ingredients inside. The sausage patty was a bit soft and neither of us like black pudding that much. All in all we weren't very impressed.

Ratings: JD - 1, Emma - 2

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