Saturday, April 27, 2019

Burger It 26: Chopped Cheese Burger

This burger comes from New York and is really popular there. We saw it on a travel show where Anthony Bourdain visits the Bronx and thought it looked different. So let's give it a try!


500g minced beef
2 tablespoons sriracha
1 onion
grated cheese
bread rolls

Mix the minced beef and sriracha together. Form into patties. Cook the patties as you normally would in oil or butter. Let them caramelise on both sides. Now comes the 'chopped' part! Use a spatula to chop up the burgers, maybe into about 6 pieces. However you like though. Put a decent amount of grated cheese on top of the chopped burger. Let the cheese melt down and fill the gaps.

While the cheese is melting you can toast the bread buns and dice the onion. Spread some mayo on the toasted bun and add a tablespoon of onion. Place the chopped cheese on top. You're done!

This was a pretty great burger. It was hard to tell what was different from a regular cheeseburger but it was. Each bite was different in texture to a solid burger. We really enjoyed it, maybe it was the cheese being melted into the burger or the burger itself being in pieces. I don't know but we liked it. You'll have to give it a try to see for yourself. :)

Ratings: Emma - 4, JD - 4, Leigh - 4

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Harrogate Cheap Eats - Cafe Rita

Last weekend we visited Cafe Rita in Harrogate. It's on Bower Road just along from Asda. It's a place we've walked past lots of times as it's on our route into town. It was nice to finally be eating there!

The cafe looked busy from the outside but there's a lot more tables than you think for a small cafe. We got seated and had a look at the menu. We both picked paninis. I had chicken, bacon and pesto while JD chose a tuna melt.  Mine came with a thick rasher of bacon in each half along with a large slice of chicken. It was really meaty! JD enjoyed his tuna melt which also had red onion on it. Both were £6.95 so within our £15 budget. We had water to drink as usual.

There was lots on the menu to choose from in the same price range. They have a particularly good selection of breakfast foods. French toast, full English, hash browns, lots of pancakes and crepes with delicious sounding toppings. They even do Russian savoury crepes with bacon, cheese and onions. We might have to go back to try those!

The service was friendly and efficient. It's a nice family cafe with homecooked style food at a good price. We enjoyed our visit.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Cheeky Burger 25: Butter Burger

Famous in Wisconsin, US this burger is cooked in butter instead of oil and has a generous pat of butter placed on each burger as it cooks. Sounds a bit too buttery to be honest but they do say it makes for a nice moist burger. Let's see!


500g minced beef
4 burger buns
plenty of butter
salt and pepper

whatever other burger toppings you like

Form the burger patties from the minced beef, seasoning with salt and pepper too. Melt a pat of butter in the frying pan and cook the burgers until almost done. Top each burger with another pat of butter and continue to cook letting the butter melt over the burgers. When the butter has melted transfer to a burger bun and finish with whatever other burger toppings you like. We had bacon, gherkins, spinach, tomato ketchup and onion.

The burgers were more moist than usual and had a nice buttery taste but the whole thing was a bit greasy to eat. We enjoyed them but decided that it was too much butter. We'll stick to none-buttered burgers from now on. It was interesting to try them anyway. Wisconsin people, you're insane! :)

Ratings: Emma - 2.5, JD - 3 and Leigh - 3

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Having A Gouda Time At Cheesefest

JD and I went to Cheesefest at the Yorkshire Show Ground today in Harrogate. We got our tickets a couple of months ago for an early price of £5 each. I think it was only £8 on the day. We went along not really knowing what to expect except for cheese.

The hall had food stalls all around the outside. Mostly cheese related but also a few others. The centre of the room was seating areas with a stage on one side. A one man band was playing while we were there but there was also some cooking demos and several screenings of Wallace & Gromit cartoons. There was a kids craft area where they were making plasticine models of Wallace & Gromit too.

After looking around the stalls we decided on Mac and Cheese Waffles (£5) with some Halloumi Fries (£6).

Both were delicious! The queue for the waffles was the largest by far but I feel they were worth it. Mine was flavoured with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. I might have to try out making these in our waffle maker now. Yum!

JD next chose a Cheesewurst (£6) with cheese sauce (obviously, Cheesefest!) I was a bit full from the waffles so we bought some cheesy sausage rolls for lunch tomorrow and some temptingly delicious looking cheese scones. They were huge!

I had time for a quick snap with Wallace & Gromit before we were on our way home feeling very satisfied with our cheesy afternoon.
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