Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sal's 30th Birthday

It's my youngest sister's birthday soon so I'd been trying to think of what to get her for it. I really enjoy making presents as they're a bit more personal so I decided to make her a hamper. She loves coffee (I can't stand the stuff) and also reading so I made that my theme.

I found a great recipe for Chocolate Brownie Biscotti ( which supposedly goes well with coffee. Perfect!

The biscotti was easy to make and delicious. Well, you have to sample one when you're baking!

I bagged up the biscotti in a cellophane bag with ribbon to make it look fancy. I'd bought Sal a book from her Amazon wishlist so that went in the hamper too. I added a bar of her favourite chocolate, some more biscuits, a cafetiere and a few packets of coffee.

Next I wrapped up the hamper in cellophane, tied it up with more ribbon and wrote out a tag.

I really hope she likes it and doesn't find out about the biscotti I sampled :D


  1. What a thoughtful pressie! I bet she loved it :)

  2. we love anything with chocolate in it, so naturally we salivated at the sight of that biscotti! yum..

    1. It was difficult to resist eating more of it :D Thanks for your comment x