Monday, December 9, 2013

Homemade gifts

I love the idea of making gifts to give to my family for birthdays and Christmas. They're often cheaper than shop bought gifts and they can be personalised to suit the recipient more too. Plus they get the added bonus of imagining me sat on the sofa swearing to myself because of some fiddly thing taking ages to make. Hah!

The last couple of years I've sporadically made gifts but lack of organisation has let me down. I leave the buying of materials too late and then panic that I haven't enough time to make something. I have plenty of ideas of things to make as gifts so that's not a problem. I think I've made about a 3rd of presents this year but I'd like to do better. Next year I'm going to challenge myself to make at least one thing to give each family member. Even if it's just some biscuits to go with something I bought.

Another thing to think about is what people think about getting a home-made gift. I really like getting something that someone has made just for me and put time/effort into. Not everyone feels the same though.

Making something to give as a gift feels much more personal and satisfying to me. I feel I care more if they like what I've given. I also worry more that they hate it, haha.

Here's some of the things I've made as gifts over the last two years:

 I made these huge bean bag cushions for Leigh and Erin last Christmas. The material was a reversible duvet cover I got from a charity shop for £2. Really easy to make too.

 Chocolate and coconut truffles for my Mum to go with her birthday gift this year. I got the cards made up to put on anything I make to make sure I get credit for homemaking things, hehe.

 I made this cushion for my Mother-in-Law Andina as a gift. It's made from a pillow-case I bought in a charity shop plus red material and buttons I already had.

 Giant chocolate buttons for my nephew Jake's birthday. I bagged and ribboned them up too. You could vary these to give to anyone who likes chocolate. Really simple to make but look great.

 A jar of lemon curd for my Step-mum Maureen. I think this was 3rd time lucky after making a lot of green lemon curd.

 A hamper for my Mum for Mother's Day. Hamper's are a fairly pricey thing to make but can be very personal to the recipient at least.

 A felt Panda pencil case for my panda-crazy daughter Leigh. The felt cost about £2 and the zip was £1.

A fluffy blue scarf for my sister Cas last Christmas I think. It looks and feels really nice but the wool was horribly fiddly to knit with. I got the wool from a charity shop 50p a ball x3.

A knitted wrist cuff with skull buttons for my sister Sally's birthday last year. It was one of the first presents I made and I was really pleased with it.

Looking back through the pictures of gifts I've made has made me feel more determined to make more next year. It's doable with more preparation and less procrastination. Wish me luck! :)

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