Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Picture a Day Photo Challenge

 One of my goals for 2014 is to take more photos so I've challenged myself to take a photo a day throughout 2014. I especially want to take more pictures of the small everyday things that happen day to day. Things that don't usually get documented with a picture. Sometimes it seems each year only birthdays and other events get photographed. On New Year's Eve this year we looked through the year's photos and it'd be nice to have more pictures for that too.

I'm uploading them to Flickr so you can track my progress:


I've found the beginning of the year tough to get started because it felt like we've hardly done anything or left the house due to the terrible weather we've had. Mainly eaten food and played video games in fact :D

So far my favourite photo is of my new Yahtzee board JD got me for Christmas. I've always loved Yahtzee and played it quite obsessively as a teenager. I also got a voucher for a game a day for a month. So far JD has the high score of all our games. I'll beat him though ^_^

Hopefully this challenge will get easier and I can keep it up :)

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