Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 100: Broodje Haring

Another sandwich we've been putting off. JD once bought some rollmops in Lidl and declared them one of the most disgusting things he'd ever eaten. Now here we are years later having to eat more pickled herrings in a Saturday Sandwich, life is cruel.

We scoured Harrogate for some different pickled herrings and found some in Waitrose. We reluctantly bought them and took this picture of them looking malevolent.

Ingredients: bread buns, pickled herrings, dill pickles and onion.

Put 2 herring fillets in a bread bun with sliced dill pickles and chopped raw onion.

Suprisingly not disgusting! The herrings combined with the strong flavours of raw onion and the pickles made for a sour tasting, sharp sandwich. It was hard to identify the herrings in amongst the other flavours. It's not a sandwich we'll ever eat again but it wasn't as bad as we thought it'd be. What a relief, we've eaten it at last and now there's only one sandwich to go. :D

Ratings: JD - 1, Emma - 2

Not sure when we'll be making the last sandwich. JD is currently in America spending time with his family. So you're left with an exciting cliffhanger wondering what the last sandwich will be. Tantalising, eh? ;)

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