Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 4 - The Luther Burger

This is a weird one! A cheeseburger sandwiched inside a doughnut. I love burgers and doughnuts but I'm not sure about combining them. I'm willing to give it a try :D

The book says this sandwich was named after Luther Vandross who used to love this burger combo. He also had his with bacon inside too.

Ingredients: doughnut, burger and a slice of cheese

Cook the burger however you like, top with cheese and then sandwich between a halved doughnut.

I've never had a food experience like this before. I took a bite and instantly felt confused. It was like eating two delicious things but separately and having them mix together in my mouth. I almost liked it but it was just too weird. It was displeasing holding a sticky sandwich and I had to keep switching hands to lick my fingers. I think it just doesn't follow that two delicious foods will be delicious if you combine them.

I did eat it all though >.>

Ratings: JD - 1/5 Emma - 1/5

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