Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday (Late again, sorry!) Sandwich 11: Mexican Torta

Ooh this one looks like a good one! It might score reasonably high on the hassle scale but what are Sundays for if not making a slightly elaborate sandwich :D

Ingredients: Chorizo, tomatoes, red onion, lime, chilli flakes, coriander, avocado, ciabatta rolls and refried beans.

Chop up the tomatoes, red onion and coriander then add the chilli flakes and lime juice to make a spicy salsa. Leave it to mix together.

 Mash up an avocado and add salt and lime juice.

Fry the sliced chorizo until charred (it's burnt on purpose I'm not a maniac!)

 Slightly toast your ciabatta bread and then dip in the chorizo oil in the pan (aw yeah). Spread the avocado on the bottom half of the bread then add the chorizo slices.

 Top with salsa. Now spread refried beans on the top half of your bread and sandwich together.

 Admire the Mexican work of art you have created for a moment and then devour.

This sandwich was great in many ways. Firstly it's huge. It's a bulky sandwich that's really satisfying to hold. The textures are great too. The crusty bread is covered in smooth refried beans and smooth avocado plus has the chewy chorizo inside. Chorizo is sooo tasty, it's greasy and delicious but in this sandwich it overpowers the other flavours a bit. I would've enjoyed tasting the salsa more but it was difficult to. JD said it would be better with thinner slices of chorizo so we might try that sometime. He also pointed out how great the sandwich looks, the fillings are coloured quite brightly and it makes for an attractive sandwich :)

Ratings: JD - 4/5 Emma - 3/5

I think this has been the sandwich we've enjoyed most so far but our quest for the perfect sandwich is still ongoing!

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  1. This looks amazing!! I'd have used a bit less sausage, too, because I love the taste of avocado & the salsa, oooh la la. I'm going to make this. THANKS!!