Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 12: Yakisoba Pan

Apparently this is a Japanese equivilent of the kebab. It's eaten late at night on the way home and can be bought in many convenience stores or on street food stalls. Yakisoba means fried noodles in sauce and Pan means bread.

Ingredients: Bacon, hot dog buns, carrot, onion, green pepper, oil and yakisoba sauce (recipe below).

 Cut up the bacon into strips and fry in the oil. Cut up the vegetables and fry them in oil until soft.

 Cook the noodles and fry in oil for a few minutes. Add the vegetables and bacon. You can make yakisoba sauce by mixing oyster sauce, soy sauce, oil and sugar. Mix most of the sauce into the noodles and hold back a bit for drizzling on the finished sandwich. When the noodles are ready put a generous amount inside two hot dog buns.

These rolls were great. the sauce was really delicious and coated the noodles well. The soft bread rolls were perfect for the noodles and made it all easy to eat. JD said he was surprised how good the noodles were on a sandwich because it's an unusual sandwich filling. We were both a bit displeased we hadn't bought huge bread rolls but that was only because we wanted more once we'd finished. Which is always a sign of good food :D

Ratings: JD - 4/5 Emma - 4/5

My daughter Leigh will be walking the Nidderdale Walk 2014 next month for the Cavernoma Alliance UK charity. It's a charity she particularly wants to support because when she was 18 months old we found out she had a cavernoma and had to have brain surgery to have it removed. She's since had 2 more operations and we all feel very lucky that she's so unaffected by such intrusive surgery. I feel really proud that she wants to raise money to help the charity and we'll be doing the walk as a family to support her.

This is our donation page on Just Giving ---> and it'd be fantastic if anyone feels they want to help out with a donation.


Emma xx

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