Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Picture a Day Photo Challenge - Halfway Point

Today we're halfway through the year which means I'm halfway through the Picture a Day Photo Challenge I set myself at the beginning of the year.

So far I haven't missed a day but it has been hard. I've constantly got it in the back of my mind that I need a picture and thinking what the picture of the day can be.

I feel like I'm always pestering the kids or JD to pose for a picture so I can use it but I think they've all been reasonably alright with that so far!

I'm doing what I hoped I would and documenting all the small things that happen each day that usually go uncaptured. I'm also taking more notice of my surroundings as I walk around where I live looking out for something interesting to take a picture of.

I'm already looking forward to looking through all these photos at the end of the year. It'll be great to look back through all the days in turn and remember everything that happened and the places we've been.

The worst times have been the days when I've forgotten to do it and then before bed I'll be going around the house trying to find something to photograph. Thankfully there haven't been too many of those days and I've usually gotten a picture taken then uploaded early on in the day.

The best days are when something great/easy to photo is going on so I don't even have to think about what to snap that day. :D

These are some of my favourites from the last few months:

 JD and me on our way to Leeds on the train.

 Leigh being pleased with herself for finishing the Nidderdale Walk.

 The best looking cake I've ever made.

 JD looking pretty sexy on a walk.

 Erin enjoying having a bus pass for the first time now she's 11.

Thruscross Reservoir and the ruin of the flax mill that used to be there.

So far I've loved collecting a photo a day to add to this collection and I hope that continues so I can finish the year.

Link for anyone that wants to see all the pictures -->

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