Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How much housework do you do?

I know I'm not alone with this but housework on a daily basis is one of my least favourite things. If I feel like doing housework then I'll make the most of that feeling and do as much as I can until the feeling runs out. Other than that I try to stick to only doing what has to be done.

After reading this article: I felt pleased to live in a modren world where less than half the amount of housework needs to be done.

But still, 2 1/2 hours every day? Too much in my opinion.

We share the chores in our house and we've toyed with different ways of sharing the work. We had a chore wheel so we each did something different each day. We had a rota that gave us each weekly tasks to complete. Really though, I don't enjoy doing housework daily or weekly so it seems unfair to expect the kids to do it that way too.

So we're trying a new way of cleaning the house once a month in a frantic hour or so of activity. We write a list of every job that needs to be done and then pick jobs in turn until they're all allotted to someone.

We tried it last week and it was great. We were all racing to see who got finished first. JD and I had to help the kids with some chores they hadn't done before but they did great and said they much preferred this system.

Leigh sweeping the stairs.

JD tidying the back yard.

Erin cleaning the bath.

Me cleaning the loo.

Leigh hoovering to music.

Erin sweeping the kitchen floor.
Obviously some things still need to be done daily and weekly. We share the washing up duties between us and I usually do laundry once a week. Other than that we just tidy or clean up as we go and make sure things get put away where they're meant to go. Food always (with the exception of film night) gets eaten at the table which helps stop crumbs being everywhere. This is much easier with older kids of course and we've told them that the more they keep things tidy the less housework there'll be on Housework Day.

Also, the kids are responsible each for keeping their own room tidy which they approach very differently. Leigh keeps her room tidy most of the time and Erin goes through phases of messy and neat just tidying when she's in the mood to (much like her Mum).

I feel like some people will feel appalled at the idea of doing housework mostly once a month and that's ok because we're all different. I'd love to know how much time everyone spends on their own housework and if they feel it's too much or not enough.

How long do you spend on housework each day?


  1. As little as I can possibly get away with. I do 5 minutes in the bathroom and bedroom most days, and one job downstairs each day. Anything more has to a moment of desperation or inspiration.
    But I a lucky enough to have a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, and I've found that he not only keeps the floors clean, he reduces the amount of dust and forcesme to avoid leaving stuff on the floor or he'll get stuck

    1. A woman after my own heart! My husband would love one of those Roombas, he's into gadgets and they look so cute hoovering away :)