Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 25: Scented sandwich

I can't believe we're actually having this sandwich at all but it's in the book so it has to be eaten. I suppose we're working on the theory that this will get it over with since we only have to have it once!

The recipe says you can use any edible flowers for this so we chose roses as we had some handy.

Ingredients: bread, butter and roses.

Butter up some bread.

Lay the roses on the bread and sandwich them up.

 Cover with a cloth and leave overnight. (Yes, that's right you can't even have this sandwich the same day you start making it e_e)

 Break up the roses and line the bread with the petals. Cut off the crusts and cut into small fingers.

I'm *almost* left speechless by the sheer naffness of this sandwich. The rose petals had the same texture as lettuce so eating this sandwich was similar (I imagine because who would eat a lettuce sandwich?) to eating a sandwich made with just a small layer of lettuce.

The leaving of the sandwich overnight seemed to do nothing to scent the bread but just left it a bit dryer. The petals didn't have much of a taste (although the book said flowers have a very subtle taste so maybe I missed it) but had a general flowery aroma as you'd expect.

Erin was keen to try the sandwich likely because it was pink but wasn't at all impressed.

It's the kind of sandwich you imagine old ladies eating in olden times with their tea in a teapot and these delicate subtle sandwiches on a doily. Not exactly my style :D

Ratings: JD - 1/5 Emma - 1/5 


  1. Well that is different! Not sure I'm going to be trying it any time soon but well done for experimenting yourselves!
    Sheila @CakeReev
    P.S. I'd eat a lettuce sandwich ;)) Supposed to be a good thing to eat before bed if you have insomnia

    1. I wouldn't recommend it! Good to know lettuce sandwiches have a purpose, thanks for commenting Sheila :)