Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life Hacks Tested

My daughter Erin loves watching Youtube videos of Life Hacks being tested so when a friend (Hey Brittnnie!) started a Life Hack testing group on Facebook I was quick to join. The aim being to see if these Life Hacks actually work or not.

Since then we've done a few tests that I'm going to share here too.

We tried this and I'm not convinced. Supposedly doing this will make your drink colder quicker. We did one with a wet paper towel and one without. They were both about the same temperature after 15 minutes in the freezer which was not quite cold enough.

Verdict - FAIL.

We tried this one because our daughter Leigh loves Oreos. We had a few incidents of putting the fork in making the Oreo break in half but apart from that it was a success. You can dunk an entire Oreo at once which is nice.

Verdict - PASS.

This is a great tip. Hulling strawberries is really easy and unmessy this way. I used to work in a bakery where they used tons of strawberries in the summer so everyone had to occasionally help out hulling them. Your fingers would be red (and grossly sticky) after doing just a few. I'll use this method from now on.

Verdict - PASS.

More Life Hack tests coming up as we do them.

To view the Facebook Group go here --->

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