Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 58: Breakfast Bacon, Cheese and Bubble Roll

We were nowhere near organised enough to be having this for breakfast so we had it for lunch instead. I made the bubble part earlier, boiling potatoes and cabbage then mashing them together with some mustard and chopped spring onions. Form into a patty shape and they're ready to be fried.

Nearer lunch time we fried some eggs, grilled some bacon, toasted the bread buns and fried the bubble patties. Then you just assemble the sandwich and it's ready to eat.

Everything was easy to make except the bubble patties. We're notoriously unsuccessful at frying any kind of potato-based patty. It resulted in them being a bit soft and falling out of the sandwich as we ate it. Overall though the sandwich was great. Bacon and eggs go well together and the mustardy flavour of the bubble patty added a nice spiciness to the sandwich. Toasted bread buns give a lovely texture to the sandwich too.

Ratings: JD - 3.5, Emma - 3

No Saturday Sandwiches for the next two weeks as JD is visiting his family in America and doesn't want to miss any sandwich action. :)

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