Thursday, June 11, 2015

Corrina & Friends Community Cafe

A new cafe has opened up near us and it's a bit different. All the food is donated by local restaurants and all the staff are volunteers. There are no prices and you can pay what you feel. We were intrigued so a few days ago we decided to visit to try it out.

 The menu is different every day because it depends on what food they have donated. But there was a nice range of foods. Jacket potatoes with various fillings, toasted sandwiches, curry, spaghetti, macaroni cheese and soup.

They served our water in jam jars, which I enjoyed.

 JD had a cheese and onion sandwich with some tomato and basil soup. He said the soup was really thick and he loved it. I had macaroni cheese and it was lovely. Then we couldn't resist (and didn't want to anyway) the cakes. JD had a brownie and I had some orange and almond cake. Both fantastic.

When we went to pay we were curious how it would work. But they just give you an empty envelope to fill with what you feel the meal was worth or what you can afford to pay. There's no awkwardness or embarrassment.

There is also a post-it note board where you can leave something from the menu for someone else that can't afford it. When the cafe closes all leftover food goes to homeless people and between 5-6pm anyone is welcome to go and take a post-it note to claim something to eat or drink. We left a couple of post-it notes which you do by donating at least £1 and writing out what you want to leave.

It was overall a really nice experience. The food was great, the staff were friendly and it's nice to know that what you pay will go towards helping homeless people in our town. It's a great idea and I encourage anyone locally to give it a try.

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