Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 101: Vada Pav

This popular Indian street food consists of spiced deep-fried mashed potato garnished with various chutneys. We put this sandwich off a bit because it's quite a faff to make with all the chutneys.

Eventually, after JD being away for several months we decided to simplify things a bit with just two chutneys, just to get this last sandwich done!

Here's the recipe we used if you want to try it -

We made up some green chutney and some dry garlic/coconut chutney, see if you can work out which is which :D

The spiced mashed potato was delicious, JD and I both had a few spoonfuls before we rolled it up to be deep-fried.  The mashed potato balls are coated in a batter made from Gram Flour which was thick and almost impossible to get coated on the potato. The first ones we tried to fry in the deep fat fryer were a disaster. The potato dissolved from inside the batter leaving deep-fried batter in the basket. So we fried the next ones in a frying pan instead. Fun times!

Make up the Vada Pav by spreading the green chutney on a bread bun, follow with the battered potato and top with the garlic chutney. Our battered potato is definitely not as pretty as most pictures I've seen but it's finally done!

Ratings: JD - 2, Emma - 2

The sandwich was very spicy, almost every element of it contained chilli powder which builds up to be quite fiery with every mouthful you take. The green chutney was a nice addition and really tasty on it's own and the garlic chutney adds a nice crunch to a soft filling here. But overall it just didn't do it for us, which is a shame as it's the last one.

We've enjoyed a lot of the sandwiches we've tried doing this, some that we've had again and we're currently going through our favourites too. I'll post some sort of re-cap post soon with the ones we liked the most but apart from that we're done. :D

I wonder how many people in the world have eaten 101 different sandwiches. :)

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