Sunday, September 11, 2016

We're Still Here!

It's been a long time since I've made a blog post here. Not since May, which is shocking. There are still things going on which I'll be sharing shortly. This post is to let you know what to expect soon. :D

First up - Saturday Sandwiches

Remember our quest to eat every sandwich in this book I got JD for Christmas several years ago? Well we've eaten 100 of them so far with just one sandwich left to make. We'll be having it soon and then posting about our top 10 favourite sandwiches ever.

Second - More cheap ways to entertain the kids (and yourselves if I'm honest)

Coming up soon is the Taped Hand Challenge, what simple everyday tasks can you manage if your fingers and thumbs are taped up?

Also, we'll be holding a Plastic Cup Games Tournament, multiple fun games using plastic cups and ping pong balls.

Lastly we're keen to start an Eat Well For Less style comparison regular post where we taste various foods (we're most keen to try chocolate and crisps!) to see which brands we prefer.

Anyway, expect some more Family Against the Flow stuff soon :)

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