Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Subscription Box Review: BakedIn

Another subscription box posted through my letterbox and this time it's Baked In, the baking club. Once a month a conveniently letterbox sized flat box arrives full of baking ingredients to make a recipe designed by Michel Roux. Usually £8 a month, I got mine for £4 by signing up to their newsletter.

 Looks like I'm going to be making an Easter Mini Egg Cake. Yum!

All the dry ingredients are already weighed out, I just need to add things such as butter, cream, eggs etc. There's even ready cut out greaseproof circles for my baking tins. Nice!

The instructions were easy to follow and everything worked out as it should.

The cake was lovely, really light and delicious. The best thing was the two mini Lindt bunnies included in the box as they weren't ingredients, just a nice Easter treat! Thanks BakedIn <3

This is a nice service for anyone not confident or new to baking. You get a well thought out recipe and nearly all you need to get baking. Plus you only need to have quite basic cookware at home as all the recipes stick to the same kind of tins (cake tins, muffin tray etc).

It's easy to cancel subscription online or change your options. It was quite exciting not knowing what I'd be baking until the box arrived too. They seem to prepare each recipe with seasonal bakes in mind, which is nice.

I thoroughly enjoyed this subscription service. :)

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