Friday, July 6, 2018

Breadmaker Breadmaker Make Us Some Bread

I've fancied having a go with a bread maker for a while now, so when we saw one in our local charity shop for £10 we snapped it up.

It's a Kenwood BM260 Breadmaker. Me being me I had to check how much they sell for on Amazon when I got home. £90, what a bargain!

Our first attempt at bread turned out great. Just a plain white loaf. You put all the ingredients in the bread pan, liquids first then dry next and set it going.

2 hours later we had fresh bread. The kids loved it and it was soon consumed.

Next I made a gingerbread loaf. Also delicious and rapidly eaten.

We made pizza dough too.

Chocolate bread with chunks of chocolate inside.

Wholemeal cheddar loaf which was disappointingly not that cheesy but still great with baked beans.

Marmalade bread which we ate with a cream cheese icing.

My favourite has to be the regular white bread sliced thickly with butter and jam. Perfect!

There are more recipes I want to try. Apparently you can even make jam in the breadmaker. I got all the recipes from the Kenwood website. Definitely worth a tenner!

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