Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 17: Fish Finger Sandwich

The book calls it a Fish Stick sandwich which seems a very joyless name for fish fingers and would deprive kids everywhere of asking how there are fish fingers but fish don't have hands! The recipe in our sandwich book said to use mayonnaise instead of butter. But we rebelled and made 3 different sandwiches. One with mayo and lettuce as it suggests, one with just butter and one with tomato sauce.

Ingredients: Fish fingers, bread, butter, mayo and lettuc plus whatever sauce you prefer.

It also helps if you have a skull handy to hold the sandwich book open at the recipe :D

 Here are all three sandwiches being compiled. The best thing about a fish finger sandwich is the way the fish fingers fit perfectly on the bread.

 I feel quite strongly that the sandwich should be cut so each fish finger is cut. I was hovering around JD when he cut them in case he looked like he was going to cut them the other way. He didn't though. ^_^

Fish finger sandwiches are great. The butter all melts and you get the feeling of defiantly eating a food a different way than you're meant to. They're all soft and comforting to eat. JD on the other hand was almost appalled by the sandwich and said fish sticks in America are a lot different. He said these ones were too mushy. It's not a sandwich I'd usually eat but I felt quite nostalgic eating them today.

Ratings: JD - 1/5 Emma - 3/5

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  1. It looks like one of those sandwiches which is delicious for all the wrong reasons. Ha ha. Frankly, now I am tempted to try this with Canadian fish sticks to see if it's as good as it looks... I'll let you know!


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