Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 20: Chimichurri

The Chimichurri (or Chimi) is a Dominican burger served with fried cabbage and onion, tomato and a cocktail sauce. You're supposed to serve it with ice cold beer but we had ice-cold cider instead as we don't like beer!

Ingredient: burgers, burger buns, onion, cabbage, tomato, ketchup, mayo, mustard, oregano and chilli sauce.

Make up the sauce by mixing 1 tbls mayo, 2 tbls ketchup, 1 tbls mustard, pinch of oregano and a dash of chilli sauce.

Cook your burgers as you usually do. Sadly it wasn't quite the weather for the barbecue. Slice the onion and cabbage then saute them until they're soft.

 Toast your bread buns and assemble the burgers. Burger then tomato then cabbage/onion then sauce.

We had one Chimi each and another burger with cheese and home-made tomato chutney each. Served with cider from the freezer.

The burgers were great! I really loved the fried onion and cabbage on top. I'm not usually a fan of tomato in a burger but it wasn't too bad at all. The sauce was nice but a bit bland, I'd maybe use more chilli sauce next time to spice it up. These burgers are perfect for a summer's day barbecue to have a change from the usual cheeseburger. I can't rely on JD for comments this time as he's got a cold and his taste buds aren't working properly.

Ratings: JD - 3/5 Emma - 4/5

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