Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Crafting for the Frugal

This year I finally got around to making a couple of things I usually have to buy each time Christmas comes around.

Each year I buy a Christmas tablecloth. Just a cheap disposable one that gets thrown away afterwards. It costs £2 each time though so I decided to make one from material that will get used every Christmas.

A tablecloth is among the easiest things to make ever. I bought 2 metres of material for £12 and then hemmed it with pins along all four sides. Then I quickly machine sewed around all the edges.

I'm really pleased with how it looks and I'm already planning to add a table runner and maybe napkins next year.

My second thing to make was a reusable wreath for our front door. We usually buy one for about £9 from the local florist but this year I decided to make one. I had a look around online and decided on a pom pom wreath in traditional Christmas colours.

I bought some red and green wool for £3 a ball plus some ridiculously fluffy snow-like white wool for £2 a ball. I gathered some scissors and cardboard for making up the pom poms.

 I'd bought this polystyrene wreath in Hobby Lobby when we were in America last August but I've seen them in craft shops over here too. Cover it with wool to hide the polystyrene look of it.

Then just make lots of pompoms, as many as you can before it becomes tedious! I got bored of it quite quickly but JD came to the rescue to help me out and we got most of them done together.

Add the pom poms to the wreath by tying them on with the wool you used to finish off each pom pom.

I'm pleased with how it looks and it was made for roughly £10 (a bit less because there's loads of wool left) so about the cost of a usual wreath that lasts one Christmas. Plus our wreath is unique.

I feel very frugal ^_^

Have a lovely Christmas everyone xx

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