Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 37: Confit Duck Sandwich

I didn't really want to post this sandwich up because it was a disaster but disasters happen and so they should be documented along with the rest :D

To start with today is Sunday, we forgot to take the duck out of the freezer for one thing and also neither of us checked the recipe which tells you to give the duck a salt rub and leave for 24 hours...oops!

So, we decided to have the sandwich on Sunday instead. We should have just abandoned it then and realised fate was against us.

Here's the recipe for you to try and may you have more luck with than us --> Confit Duck Sandwich

Ingredients: Duck legs, duck fat, bread rolls, salt, thyme, garlic and watercress

 JD made and applied the salt rub. Then we left it covered in the fridge overnight.

 We melted the duck fat in a pan and poured it over the duck legs. The salt rub is removed first. It goes in the oven at ...oh actually I just checked this and this is why it went wrong. We put it in at 225C but that was the Faranheit temperature. It should've been in at 110C which makes more sense since you cook it for 3 hours. Crap!

Anyway, not surprisingly our duck burned and the meat was all crispy and shrivelled up instead of soft and tender like it was meant to be.

 We only had enough meat for one sandwich so we added watercress and gave it a try.

 It was terrible. The meat was too crunchy to eat and it was unbearably salty too. We're not going to rate this sandwich since it'd be unfair to. We didn't taste the sandwich as it was meant to be. We'll do it again at some point instead.

Coming up next week: Queen Alexandra's Sandwich

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