Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 38: Queen Alexandra's Sandwich

Alexandra was married to Edward VII making her the Queen of Great Britain. After moving here from Denmark she's said to have enjoyed this sandwich made up of her favourite foods.

Recipe here ---> Queen Alexandra's Sandwich

To start with you make up some mustard butter using butter, mustard and a dash of lemon juice. Spread it on some bread.

 Add tongue slices.

 Add the chicken. This is a poached chicken breast cut up in mayonnaise with salt, pepper and a bit of hot sauce.

 Next add cress.

 Cut off the crusts and cut into tiny dainty triangles.

 Here's a sandwich we made but left the crusts on for comparison.

This was a surprisingly great sandwich. We both a felt a little weird eating the tongue (especially since it's got the tongue shapes to remind you) but it tasted good. The mayo chicken was a lovely texture and moistened the sandwich. The mustard butter added a delicious flavour. As expected the cress added nothing to the sandwich except a slightly fancy overtone. The sandwich was actually way better with no crusts and I wished I'd de-crusted both sandwiches :D

Ratings: JD - 3, Emma - 4

Probably won't do a Saturday Sandwich next week since it's Christmas but we'll be back making sandwiches in the New Year. Happy Christmas everyone xx

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