Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Community Clean-Up Day

Last Saturday (March 21st) was our local Community Clean-Up Day and Erin suggested we go out and help by picking up litter in our nearby park.

 We set out at about 10am to pick litter. Erin was wearing a rubber glove and armed with a bin bag to fill.

 I thought our area was quite tidy but on our way to the park we picked up plenty of rubbish we wouldn't normally spot without looking. Lots of litter gets stuck in hedges by the side of the road. By the time we reached the park our bags were almost half full.

 JD getting stuck in.

 Me finding yet another can of Monster. The majority of the litter was drink cans, either lager or energy drinks mostly.

 Erin ran off to claim this bounty because we were competing to see who could collect the most rubbish. (It was me \o/)

When we'd finished Erin enjoyed a well-earned 15 minutes in the park.

Picking up litter was quite satisfying. It was nice to feel like we were helping our community by making it look nicer with less rubbish. JD commented that it was more enjoyable than he thought it was going to be. We filled up two and a half bin bags in about 40 minutes. We had to scout about for the rubbish though, mostly it was under hedges and undergrowth or blown into a corner.

Erin wants to do it again but with a litter grabber. I felt proud of her for suggesting it and pleased she enjoyed picking up the litter. She almost spoiled it on the way home by complaining a lot about having to walk back. Haha. :D

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