Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 53: Adana Kebab

This Turkish kebab comes from the city Adana in Southern Turkey and looks delicious. :D

Here's a recipe if you want to try one yourself -->

These were pretty easy to make. The lamb mince is mixed with a red pepper, onion, garlic and parsley and shaped into small logs. They're meant to be BBQ'd but we fried ours instead.

 Toasted pittas are easy to open up so you can fill them with the meat logs, grilled vegetables and yoghurt.

The lamb logs (the recipe used this word so I'm also using it due to a lack of a better word) looked really appetising with flecks of pepper, onion and parsley through them. They tasted delicious too, very garlicky thanks to 4 cloves of garlic chopped up inside. I could feel the texture of the soft grilled vegetables but they didn't seem to add much taste to the kebab. It was really delicious and I'd love to try an Adana kebab again next time we have a barbecue.

Ratings: JD - 4, Emma - 4

Coming next Saturday - A Trio of Sweet Sandwiches

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