Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 80: Roast Dinner Sandwich

This one is suspiciously similar to the Christmas Dinner Sandwich we've already done but we'll allow it I suppose :)

Ingredients: bread, butter and any food you're having for your roast dinner.

We had chicken, peas, roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy and yorkshire puddings.

Erin made up her sandwich with suspiciously few peas.

 JD's effort was greener.

 My sandwich, obviously the most superior. :D

A roast dinner makes for a pretty decent sandwich. The gravy on everything makes it a bit soggy though so maybe we should have used a sturdier bread like a crusty roll. I forgot that I love chicken sandwiches as long as the chicken has a sprinkling of salt so I didn't put any on mine, which is a shame! We had minted peas which gave a nice flavour to my sandwich but it was lacking in texture, something crunchy in there would've helped. Still, a nice sandwich overall.

Ratings: JD - 1, Emma - 3, Erin - 3

Next Saturday - Trini Double

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