Thursday, October 1, 2015

Things To Do When You Don't Have TV - A Beetle Drive

You might remember from a previous post that we don't have TV. We do watch TV on Netflix and sometimes catch-up services but not that much. So we're always finding different ways to entertain ourselves.

When I was at Primary School I remember us having a couple of Beetle Drives and I thought they were fun. So I decided to hold one for my family. I put up a poster to advertise it.

The best thing was that none of them had any idea what a beetle drive was. The kids googled it but JD wanted to wait and find out.

On the day I confused them further by having a woodlice race to start off the fun. Woodlice aren't very disciplined. :D

Then down to the serious business of playing beetle. You roll a dice and draw a beetle part based on what number you roll. The winner is the first person to complete a beetle drawing. JD, Leigh and Erin were all very creative in their beetle designs.

There was talk of cheating because I somehow managed to win the first three games. Erin won the fourth and we totalled up how many beetle parts we'd all drawn.

Emma - 42
Erin - 30
Leigh - 27
JD - 24

I won! :D

Everyone got a prize and said they'd enjoyed playing (even the woodlice enjoyed it). Plus there was pie and punch. Pretty sweet! :)

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