Friday, October 30, 2015

Things To Do When You Don't Have TV - Guinness World Record Attempts

I spelled Guinness wrong :(

I'd read an article about how lots of Guinness World Records were breakable so I thought it'd be fun to try a few at home.

First up was eating Jelly with chopsticks. As much as you can in 1 minute with one hand behind your back. This photo was staged after the event in case you're worried they're cheating. Erin loves eating things with chopsticks and felt confident she'd win. She didn't though, I did. :D None of us got anywhere near the record.

Next was sticking post-it notes to your face. As many as you can in 1 minute but not any on your eyelids (an official rule O_o). After the minute is up you have to count to 10 then count how many are still on your face. This was easily the most hilarious event. It's much harder to do than you think.

Erin got 3!

 JD managed 8!

I won with 15 :D

The record is 58!!

The third event was drinking water as fast as you can. The record is 500ml in 2.35 seconds. It has to be from a clear glass with no spillage allowed. Erin did it in 53.92 seconds, JD in 13.72 seconds but I won with 11.63 seconds. I'm starting to worry I have a problem with over-competitiveness!

Stacking coins was the next record attempt. The record is 51 coins stacked in 30 seconds. They have to remain on the pile for 5 seconds when the time is up and you have to have one hand behind your back. JD was moving so fast this picture blurred.

 Erin stacked 13 coins, JD stacked 16 and I won with 20 coins stacked.

Last of all it was time for some speed doughnut eating! The record is for the most jam doughnuts eaten in 3 minutes (6) but we decided to try for 1 minute because no-one really wanted to try eat 6 doughnuts. I won again with Erin beating JD for second place. Eating anything as fast as you can is a horrible experience. Luckily there were spare doughnuts to eat slowly and enjoyably afterwards.

We all won a prize and decided there wasn't much hope of us getting in the Guinness World Record book anytime soon. Still, it's a lot of fun trying.  :)

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