Friday, February 19, 2016

How I Learned To Love My Face in 30 Days

Today I took my last selfie of the month. I've been taking pictures of myself every day for the past 30 days to try to like how my face looks more. There have been times that I've cried over how I looked in a photo.

And I can honestly say it's worked. I've looked at my face more this month than I have for a long time. I can see how my face has aged in the last few years, I have creases under my eyes and lines on my face that weren't there years ago. But in looking at myself more and forcing myself to take a picture a day I've come to like what I see. I see me, as I am most days with no filters or effort to make myself look better.

Some days I didn't feel like taking a picture, I felt tired or my hair was a mess. I took the pictures anyway. Usually those pictures would never see light of day, they'd be deleted and never shown. But those pictures represent the real me, me as I am every day. Sometimes I look good to myself and sometimes I don't but that's ok.

I feel pleased that I've managed to change my attitude. I want to feel more content with who I am and how I look instead of changing how I look like we're encouraged to do by society and the companies selling beauty products.

 Here is my 30th photo, I feel that I look considerably happier about taking my picture than the first one :D

 I'd just washed my hair and I haven't even combed it before taking a picture, success!

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