Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 93: Dill, Shrimp and Egg Smørrebrød

A Smørrebrød is a Scandinavian open sandwich on dark rye bread. 

Is an open sandwich a sandwich at all? Many would say not, including me! But it's in our sandwich book so make it and eat it we must.

Ingredients: dark rye bread, shrimp, dill, boiled eggs, butter, lemon juice and mayo.

Mix the shrimp, dill, lemon juice and mayo in a bowl.

Butter the dark rye bread and add a layer of boiled egg slices. Top with the mayo shrimp stuff and serve with ice cold schnapps.

This is the worst sandwich I've ever eaten. I'm not a big fan of shrimp anyway but combined with the foul rye bread and the dill flavoured mayo it made me feel sick. I managed a couple of bites before throwing it away and making this peanut butter and jam sandwich instead.

JD also threw away his Smørrebrød after eating half of one. The texture was the worst part followed closely by the taste. we won't be eating these again. We didn't lie the peach schnapps either. :(

Ratings: JD - 0, Emma - 0

Coming Next Saturday - Souvlaki Pita Bread

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