Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 92: Pork Belly Mantou

A mantou is a steamed bread roll from Northern China. This mantou is filled with stir fried pork belly and looks delicious!

Here's the recipe if you want to make one --->

I felt really worried that we wouldn't be able to make this roll but it was quite simple to make. Once we had made it I was then worried how it'd taste, it looked like a loofah. I worry too much!

The whole process of making this sandwich was quite long and during the cooking of the pork belly it didn't smell too appetising.

The finished sandwich was great. The plain steamed mantou went perfectly with the sticky, sweet sauce on the pork belly. The mantou wasn't too spongy at all, it was light and soft. The pork belly was really tasty and tender. We enjoyed the finished product but felt it had been a lot of work to make it.

Ratings: JD - 4, Emma - 4

Next Saturday - Dill, Shrimp and Egg Smorrebrod

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