Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spelunky Themed Fun

Last November I reviewed a video game we all enjoy at our house called Spelunky To briefly recap, it's a platform game on XBox where you explore underground collecting treasure and rescuing damsels. Our favourite character in the game is this stupid faced pug you can rescue:

So I decided to organise some Spelunky/Pug themed fun for us to enjoy.

We played Snakes and Ladders because there are snakes and also ladders in Spelunky. I'd forgotten how long this game takes though, someone is almost winning and then they go down a snake back to the start. Luckily we had pug cupcakes to sweeten the deal. I eventually won, followed by Leigh and Erin. Sadly JD abandoned all hope of ever finishing.

Next up was wind-up pug racing. Easily the most hilarious thing the kids had ever witnessed judging by their laughter. We raced the pugs across the table, it was pretty entertaining actually. Erin won, I think.

Lastly we played Spelunky in the Deathmatch arena. You play in one room all trying to kill each other and be the last person alive. There are mystery boxes with weapons in to make it more fun. JD won, leaving Erin and I as ghosts. :(

So there you go, another insight into how we spend our free time* :D

* It wasn't free, the cupcakes cost £4 and the wind up pugs cost £5. Still, pretty cheap time at least!

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