Thursday, March 24, 2016

Family Game Review : Escape, Curse Of The Temple

JD got this board game for Christmas and we've played it several times since then. It's kind of like a cross between The Crystal Maze and Yahtzee. One of the best things about the game is that it only lasts 10 minutes (and often less). Another best thing about it is that you work together to beat the game cutting down on board game rage!

Anyway, let me explain how you play it.

The object of the game is to find jewels and then escape the temple. All players must escape together in 10 minutes to win. The game comes with a soundtrack with music that becomes more tense as time passes (handily also on Youtube in case you don't have a CD player). You start off at the door to the temple and you have to roll dice to open up temple tiles and move around.

The symbols on the dice are a key, a torch, a running man and black or gold masks.  There are no turns and all players must frantically roll dice at the same time. Two running men dice rolled lets you add another tile and each tile has two symbols you have to roll to move onto it. Some tiles have a chance for you to earn jewels by rolling certain symbols. Rolling isn't that easy though, if you roll a black mask, that dice is cursed until you roll a gold mask to release it (one gold mask can release two black masks). You can end up with all 5 dice cursed and in need of rescue from another player (if they are on the same section as you they can roll gold masks to un-curse your dice).

Five minutes in a gong sounds and you have to race against a countdown clock to get back to the starting tile. If you get back too late you lose a dice. Then it's back to exploring to find more jewels. Once you have enough jewels (it's a different amount depending on how many players there are) you want to try uncover the exit tile. Then it's a matter of rolling enough keys to escape the temple and bask in the glory of shared victory.

The game also comes with an expansion pack with extra tiles containing purple curses to make the game harder and golden treasures to make it easier.

Escape takes a minute or two to set up and only 10 minutes to play. It's fast paced and exciting to play with the soundtrack adding extra tension. Each time you play the game is different based on what order you reveal the tiles and what you roll with the dice. It's a cleverly made game that's fun to play and encourages co-operation between players.

Ratings: JD - 5, Emma - 5

Leigh and Erin have played it a couple of times each but JD and I are the main board game players of our house. We try to get the kids involved but they're not too keen on board games. It's a constant disappointment to us. :D

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