Thursday, January 18, 2018

Emma's Exercise Experiments - The Gym

My favourite exercise is plain old walking about. I like walking in the countryside, walking about my neighbourhood doing errands and fast walking listening to my Zombies Run! app.

I could stick with walking but I vaguely worry I'm missing out on something more fun that I might like even more. So I've decided to try out some new exercise types to see how I get on.

It's January and that means one thing. Rushing to the gym after all the Christmas excess. Except, I started back in December so I'd be ready to post this blog post. Aha, tricked you!

I got a deal to try 5 days at a Puregym for £5. I went once a week for 5 weeks.

As gyms go, they're pretty good. You don't have to sign up for a year, you can join for just a month. You can even buy a day-pass if you want to try it before you join.

I almost failed at the first hurdle. When you book a day-pass online they text you a code to use to get in. I had to press the help button because I couldn't get my code to work. When the code does work you step into the futuristic tube which closes shut behind you, then opens up in front. It was a bit snug for someone of my generous proportions. I don't think it was made with me in mind!

The first couple of times I went I started off on a treadmill which is weirdly different to walking outside. It even affected different leg muscles than usual. I enjoyed being able to set an incline on my treadmill walks and there was even a fan built in to cool me down.

I enjoyed my visits to the gym. I tried the treadmill, cycling, the cross trainer, free weights and some of the weight machines (I have no idea what they're called). It was good to try out different things and I'm glad I did it. I found the gym staff friendly and happy to help with advice.I liked the competitive physical atmosphere of the gym, everyone is there to get fitter and make their bodies feel good.

Gyms aren't for me though, I prefer being outside walking to being inside on a treadmill. I enjoy the scenary as I walk about. Yesterday when walking I saw a fat little robin sitting on a branch and it pooped as I passed. How majestic! I enjoy that my legs are actually propelling my body along as I walk. Treadmill walking seems to take twice as long as walking outside. It's like humans have invented a way of exercising that's less enjoyable than actually walking. Closed off in a room with other people not getting anywhere.

As my Dad used to say, it'd be boring if we were all the same. It was great to see lots of people enjoying the gym. Good luck to them on their fitness journeys. I'll keep walking outside for now until my next  exercise test which will be Yoga. Watch this space. :)

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