Thursday, January 25, 2018

Subscription Box Review - Simply Cook

This time we're testing Simply Cook. This service provides a recipe card and pots containing things like rubs, pastes or oils to make the meal. You buy your own fresh ingredients and each meal can serve 2-4 (depending on how much of other ingredients you buy). It costs £9.99 for 4 meals. I got a Black Friday deal for our box, just £3 to try it.

We chose the Mexican Pulled Chicken with sweet potato fries to try first. But we were having it with Leigh and Erin who don't like sweet potato so we switched to potato wedges. The first pot contained a Mexican rub for the potatoes.


The second pot had a Chipotle paste to add to mayonnaise to make a coleslaw for the sandwich. We added onion to the cabbage and carrot suggested.

The chicken was boiled then shredded, adding the third pot which was Mole (Mo-leh) sauce to finish it off.

We all enjoyed the chicken. Leigh and Erin didn't try the coleslaw but JD and I loved it. The wedges were a bit disappointing as they didn't have much flavour. Still, the whole meal was nice and it's great to try something new.

Things we liked:

You can adapt the recipe to suit your own taste.
Lots of recipes to try, many I hadn't heard of before.
Easy to follow recipe cards.
Great to be able to have either just the 2 of us or all 4 of us
Quick delivery and fits through the letterbox

Things we didn't like:

Hmm struggling here...
It's a little expensive for recipe cards and seasonings.

To be honest this is a great service. As someone who has eaten a meal from every country there's still lots of new recipe ideas on the site I've never heard of. You get to try a new food without having to hunt down difficult to find spices or herbs (I've done a lot of that in the past). This service just makes it very easy for you.

You don't even have to subscribe, you can order a one-off box anytime or send one to a friend. This would make a great gift.

I'm looking forward to trying our other 3 recipes soon.

I'd recommend this subscription to anyone who likes cooking and being adventurous with new flavours.

P.S. JD and I had Vietnamese Pork last night and it was delicious!

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