Thursday, June 14, 2018

Daft Burger 13: Falafel Burger

I've only had falafel once so I'm keen to try this burger. We used a falafel mix packet but you could easily make it from scratch with chick peas if you want to.

1 packet falafel mix
4 pitta breads
spinach leaves
plain yoghurt

Make the falafel according to the packet instructions.

Make patty shapes from the falafel mix then fry them in oil until golden brown and crisp. This part was a nightmare, the mix was a bit moist so I added some flour. The patties ended up a bit mis-shapen but luckily we're not fussy when it comes to food.

Toast the pitta breads lightly to make it easier to slice them open. Spread some hummus inside each one. Put a falafel blob in each pitta along with some cucumber, spinach and a spoonful or two of yoghurt.

These were tasty but something was a bit unsatisfying about them. The flavours were all good together but everything was on the soft side. It was a bit dry too. Not one of our favourites so far!

Ratings: JD - 2, Emma - 2

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