Friday, June 1, 2018

Family Game Review: Dungeons & Dragons (Starter Set)

We were all excited to play this game but a bit wary because it seems complicated. JD was going to be the Dungeon Master so he was tasked with reading through the instruction books so he could guide us through the game.

My character sheet

Everyone else picked one of the pre-set character sheets and read up on what our characters were like. We got a bit overexcited and made some props.

I was a female dwarf soldier called Helja Ironfist, complete with realistic beard.

Erin was a wealthy noble called Amafrey Illuskan.

Leigh was a halfling thief called Kit with a homemade dagger.

We were all ready to play.

Progress was a bit slow to start with as we were unsure what to do in some situations. There was fights with goblins, then dogs, caves to explore and we almost got swept away by a huge wave.

Despite this excitement Erin was starting to get bored. And then a bit complainy, wanting to abandon the game to do something else. This annoyed JD because he'd spent ages setting up the game for us to play it. It ended with an arguement and Erin going off upset.

We carried on but it was harder with less people playing. After about 2 hours we decided to stop to finish another day.

Dungeons and Dragons has a lot of potential to be a game we all enjoy but it takes a lot of patience and effort to get started. We're going to have another go at it sometime and alter things to make it a bit easier so there's a bit more action and less tediously slow battles.

We all enjoyed the role-playing part of the game, each trying to be like our characters and act how they would. I feel sad I don't actually have a beard.

Ratings: JD - 2 , Emma - 3, Leigh - 3 and Erin - 2 

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