Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 6 - Caramel Pork Banh Mi

This recipe is probably the most effort we've ever gone to to make a sandwich. Was it worth it? Read on :D

Ingredients: About a million things -.-

Here's a recipe --->

First you have to make a pickle out of radish and carrot among many things and leave it ages to 'fuse it's flavours'. You make a caramel sauce from water and sugar which coats small pieces of pork. Then you simmer the pork in a fish sauce liquid for 15 minutes which stinks out the whole kitchen.

JD enjoyed the part where you hollow out the baguettes to make room for the filling (lots of recipes in this book have hollowed out bread so he's in luck) and I enjoyed shaving a cucumber to make thin strips of it. Make up the sandwich by adding the pork, pickle and cucumber.

The finished sandwich tastes really good. It's a strange mix of flavours that taste different with every bite. It's such a lot of effort for a sandwich though. I'm not sure it's worth it. The pork has a very strong salty taste after the liquid it's simmered in is reduced, almost too salty in fact and I like salt.JD said it was an interesting and different taste so interpret that how you will :)

Ratings: JD - 3/5 Emma - 2/5

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  1. When she says it stinks out the whole kitchen, what she means is that it makes your kitchen smell like animals live there and can't get out.