Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 7: Chip Butty and Photo Challenge Update

Today's sandwich is the humble Chip Butty. It's always been a favourite of mine so any excuse to eat one is opportunity not to be missed.

We made our own chips but baked them instead of frying them. My Mum used to make chip pan chips when I was a kid but I couldn't condone the unhealthiness of them now. My Stepmum has one of those activfry fryers that can make chips with only a tiny bit of oil. I bet it would make great chips if the roast potatoes are anything to go by.

Ingredients: potatoes, butter, bread buns, tomato ketchup

Make up your chips any way according to your preference. Put them in a well buttered bread roll and add whichever sauce you like. Has to be tomato sauce for me. Eat while hot.

Chip butties are fantastic. The butter melts onto the chips and mixes with the sauce to make it all drippy and delicious. Soft white bread buns are the best to contrast with hot slightly crispy chips. JD enjoyed it too, even though he wasn't expecting to. He also reminded me that chip butties go against my anti-two-carbohydrates-together rule. Bugger! Hoist by my own petard :(

Ratings: JD - 4/5 Emma - 4/5

In other news, I'm still doing my picture a day photo challenge. I'm up to Day 67 so far so still a long way to go! I'm not much of a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures of our life day to day for us to look back on.

Link to my Flickr --->

Here are some of my favourites so far:

JD making one of his favourite meals, split pea soup. 

A fantastic salad with feta cheese and olives we made.

Erin having a go on a zip-wire. I also had a go but everyone was too shocked to take a picture.

Some caramel salted matzos we made when my Mum came for tea. 

Pretty scenery on a recent walk.

JD and Erin outside The Cairn Hotel where Erin went for her Big T talent audition.

Leigh when she had her braces removed.

Hope fully I can keep the pace going unless I run out of ideas. Some days I looking around at the end of the day for something to take a picture of because it's been a quiet day, hah :)

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