Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 8: Kati Roll and Non-processed food update

The sandwich this week is a Kati Roll. It's an Indian street food that originates back to the 1930s. It seems to be essentially any leftover curry in a flat bread. Sounds good to me. And by some miracle (because we find it really hard to save leftover food and not just scoff it) we have some leftover curry to use up :)

Ingredients: parathas, leftover curry

We used a mixture of leftover dum aloo that JD made and some chicken tikka massala. If in the picture our parathas look suspiciously like the wraps we usually make and not parathas at all it's entirely a coincidence.

Put the leftover curry in the 'paratha'.

Now fold it up and eat. Easy.

Ratings: JD - 3/5 Emma - 4/5

It was good. I imagine it makes a great warming street food.  It was a bit messy to eat though. JD wants to try it with actual parathas because he's a food snob and our wraps aren't authentic enough. (So do I.) It was an interesting way to eat curry anyway.


Non-Processed Food Update

We're two weeks into our attempt to minimise the processed foods we eat and so far so good. We've homemade a ton of things we usually buy. Peanut butter (crunchy and smooth), Nutella, pizza, granola, cheese straws, muesli, pesto, hummous, ice cream, oreos, spaghetti sauce, chicken kievs and more I can't think of right now.

Some have been more successful than others. Pesto and hummous have been my favourites so far. Hummous is really easy and pesto is sooo much better made yourself. The spaghetti sauce we made was distinctly un-red and the Oreos were delicious but a huge pain to make.

We have a pizza night on Fridays to go with our Friday Film so we'll be experiementing with different toppings. This week we had sausage and onion pizza. It was great.

The things I'm missing most are chocolate and I'm craving a Sprite for some reason. JD was a bit displeased with the spaghetti sauce we made (as spaghetti is his favourite meal) but I think with practise it'll get better.

Two weeks to go!

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