Thursday, October 2, 2014

I See Faces...Everywhere! O_O

But that's ok, apparently it's a common thing called Pareidolia. Which is taken from Greek words meaning 'faulty image'. It means seeing anything from animals in clouds to faces on toast etc.

It brings me a lot of simple pleasure to spot faces wherever I go. I'm often pointing out a face to JD or the kids and then waiting patiently until they either see it or look at me like I'm daft :)

I've collected a few photographic examples for your enjoyment:

This carrot was horrified at being peeled.

This flat pack shelf had the decency to feel embarrassed that it was broken.

This face was shocked to see me on the loo.

American plugs looking terrified I might plug something into them.

JD's parents' dryer seems happy with it's lot.

The plane seat controls looking coquettish.

I have no caption for this one, it's a plant pot >.>

These buttons all seem happy apart from that top right guy ruining the photo!

This tree looks exactly like Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age films.

So they you have it. Everywhere you go there's likely a face watching you. Creepy, right?

Do you see faces in things? Or is it just me? :D

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