Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Family Game Review: Battleblock Theater

Battleblock Theater is a video game we got free through our XBox Live subscription.  It's a platform game where you have to collect gems to open the exit to each level. You can customise your character's face and also buy different weapons to use. The faces have many really funny expressions and the weapons include a dancing frog with a top hat and cane that explodes.

One of the best parts of the game is the narration while you play. The guy says things like "You're doing it wrong" or "Don't die there of all places". As you customise "You should choose cool things not dumb and stupid things". When you start a new level "I sure hope you find gems and not death" or "Don't lose hope, I know I did".

The two player game is fantastic. You have to work together to help each other past obstacles, reach down to help your partner up or stand on a button to create a bridge for them to cross. Leigh and Erin are horrible to each other when they play. Moving off the button so the other falls to their death or just punching them so they fall in the water and drown. It's funny to watch and since when you die you just reappear at the last checkpoint it's all good fun.

 The puzzle element of the game gets pretty tricky as you go through the levels. You have to work out what to do to get to some of the gems and there are secret levels to find. There's buttons to press, robots with torpedos, weird raccoon monsters, homicidal cats, lightening to avoid, acid, spikes to try not to get impaled on and many other fun features.

Even though we got this game free we've all said we would've bought it and been happy with our purchase!

JD said "It's a really good party game because you die often and come back instantly so it's easy to swap the controller between people and keep the fun going".

Erin said "I like the different weapons especially the exploding dancing frog".

Leigh said "It's funny because you have different faces to choose from and collect".

We've all got tons of fun from this game and I would recommend trying it. It's fun single or multi-player. There's plenty of levels too, each chapter has 10 levels plus 3 fiendishly tricky timed levels to try. With 8 chapters that's a lot of gameplay. We've enjoyed this game so much that at times we've cried laughing and it doesn't get better than that. :D


JD - 5, Emma - 5, Leigh - 5 and Erin - 4.

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  1. Anybody who has an Xbox and somebody else to play with, get this game! It's some of the most fun I've ever had playing videogames with my family.