Thursday, November 20, 2014

Homemade Gift Idea - Christmas Tree Decorations

I'm trying to be organised with Christmas presents this year. Which means starting making gifts before it's properly Christmas season! I started making some of these tree decorations in August to give to family.

Stuff You'll Need:

Red and green felt
Red and green thread
Stuffing material
Assorted small buttons
Christmas ribbon

 I started off with a simple shape until I got the hang of it. This bauble shape is easy to do. Cut out the shape twice so you have a back and front. I used pinking shears to give a nice edge.

 Play around with the buttons to see how you're going to place them.

 Sew the buttons in place on one side of the bauble. I decided to leave the centre empty so I can add a personalised initial button or novelty Christmas button if I want to later.

 Sew both sides together using contrasting thread with a simple running stitch. Sew on a ribbon loop and stuff the bauble before you finish sewing it shut.

I think these tree decorations will make a nice thoughtful handmade gift for my family and will be something they can keep and use every Christmas. They were quick and easy to make and weren't expensive either. I also made some green tree shapes and different coloured baubles. All with initial buttons on to match the recipiant's name.

There are lots of different ribbons available to buy and lots of other shapes you could use instead of these ones. See what you can come up with yourself. :)

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