Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 35: The French Dip

The French Dip is a well known sandwich from Los Angeles. Two different restaurants claim to have invented it. One says it accidentally dropped a sandwich in some gravy and the other claims it was invented to cover up the use of dry bread. The latter seems more likely to be honest but no one knows the truth. Exciting, right?

There are lots of fancy French Dip recipes where you make your own gravy etc but we opted for a nice simple version.

There's a recipe here if you want to make your own ---> The French Dip Sandwich

Basically you make some beef and coleslaw sandwiches and then dip the sandwich in hot gravy before you take each bite. I love gravy but I'm fussy about what I eat it on. Gravy on chips...nope, gravy with bread...ugh, gravy on mashed potato, yorkshire puddings and roast beef...yes yes yes :) JD is less discerning with his gravy and will eat it on a slice of bread O_o

 Here's some dipping action so you can tell how it works :D

The French Dip is a delicious sandwich. I imagine it's even more delicious with some slow cooked beef and homemade gravy but ours was pretty great too. We're definitely going to try it again with slow-cooked beef so the kids can try it. Beef and coleslaw taste good together but the addition of some hot gravy really makes the sandwich. It's a messy sandwich to eat but that didn't bother us. Dipping the sandwich in gravy was a lot nicer than either of us expected. I really liked it and might even relax my gravy rules. I probably won't be able to stop JD from dipping all his food in gravy from now on.

Ratings: JD - 4, Emma - 3

Coming up next week - Ploughman's Sandwich

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