Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Sandwich 34: Frittata Sandwich

This sandwich is from the Leftovers section. I've had similar sandwiches before just using up eggs and cheese from the fridge. It's a vague recipe that uses up what you have and is useful for that reason.

Ingredients: eggs, goats cheese, red pepper, onion, bread, paprika, salt & pepper

Cut up the onion and red pepper. Saute it in a frying pan until softened. Mix up the eggs, paprika, salt & pepper. I added some mixed herbs too. You could any seasonings, herbs or vegetables to this recipe.

 Pour the eggs in to the frying pan and cook until the bottom is done. Flip it over and cook the other side. Cut up the goats cheese and sprinkle it on top.

Mix some tomato ketchup and hot sauce. Spread it over 4 slices of bread.

Fold the frittata in half over the cheese so it melts. Cut in half and use to (over)fill the sandwich.

I really loved this sandwich. The frittata was a lovely soft texture with a nice taste from the onion and pepper. The hot-sauced-up ketchup really spiced up the eggs giving a nice zing to the whole sandwich. The best thing about it was the goats cheese though. It oozed out from the frittata and was delicious. JD found the frittata too soft and commented that it's really hard to flip a frittata over. He's not wrong there! I'd definitely have this sandwich often. It's great :)

Ratings: JD - 3, Emma - 5

Coming next Saturday - The French Dip Sandwich

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