Friday, November 14, 2014

Family Board Game Review - Cluedo

We've got a cupboard full of board games we don't play so we're going to go through them all, replaying them to see if we should keep them. First pick is Cluedo.

 We have this newer version of Cluedo we bought in a charity shop. It's quite fancy compared to the game I remember playing as a kid. Real people pieces instead of those ludo coloured pieces. The weapons don't seem as good as the old game though. I used to love those when I was a kid. An actual piece of rope too not just a plastic copy like in our Cluedo. All the cards were a more stylish black too back then.

Set-Up - The game is easy to set up. Just set out the pieces, secretly pick cards for the envelope and deal the remaining cards out. 3-4 minutes at the most (unless you have to search for pens).

Instructions - The instructions are easy to understand with nothing left to interpretation.

Gameplay - You take turns to move around the board trying to deduce who, with what and where the murder happened.

 Apparently I'm very impatient with the kids taking ages to have their turn. I think I'm turning into my Dad who I recall being the same. Erin was reading her book between turns though and had to be reminded every time.

Also, Erin was hilariously not very good at subterfuge. If she had a card to show you could tell, even if it wasn't her turn to show first. Maybe I should play her at poker right after she gets her pocket money next. :D

Leigh seemed to enjoy being secretive and making her deductions. She was quite good at it all this time and maybe has a career in the secret service to look forward to.

Result - I won!

Game Length - 35 minutes, not a bad time really and quite doable.

Ratings - JD 3, Emma 2, Leigh 3 and Erin 3

I found the game a bit tedious which is a shame because I remember enjoying it as a kid. Leigh and Erin both thought it was boring but Leigh said she enjoyed the deductions part. I was frustrated by several really low dice throws that set me back a bit but still enjoyed winning. Although I might have won due to taking advantage of Erin's transparency. JD said he enjoyed the game because it's a bit more complex than a lot of games but still simple to play.

Somehow the verdict was that we keep Cluedo even though we all mostly thought it was boring. I can see we might not get rid of any games afterall and just end up having to get a bigger games cupboard.

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