Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our Cola Taste Test

JD and I have done this before with only 4 different drinks so we thought it'd be fun to get the kids involved and make it harder. Could we tell the difference between 8 different cola drinks?

Let's see!

JD poured some of each into 8 different cups/glasses and kept a note of which was which. We tasted each one and made our choices.

Then JD revealed how we'd done.

I'd thought 2 other colas were Cherry Coke before I finally decided on which one I was certain it was. Not a very impressive result.

Then we emptied the cups, muddled up the drinks and let JD have a turn at tasting.

After all the results were in JD was declared the winner!

JD - 4/8
Emma - 2/8
Leigh - 2/8
Erin - 2/8

I'd at least managed to work out which was Cherry and Vanilla Coke, the kids had no idea. JD impressively got twice as many right as us but admitted he was just guessing.

It's really hard to tell the difference between the regular, diet or max/zero colas. I felt like I'd know the difference between Diet and regular Coke but even drinking one then the other it was impossible to tell which was diet and which was regular.

Soda companies go to a lot of effort to make each cola variety seem very different. Everyone has a preferred cola drink but is it for the taste or because of the packaging/marketing. Diet varieties are usually targeted at women and Max/Zero varieties aimed at men. You're given the illusion of choice when really all the colas hardly taste any different.

After we'd finished Erin enjoyed mixing them all together to make a Super Cola. While JD and I decided that we didn't even like cola that much.

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